June II by Kimbal Bumstead

June II by Kimbal Bumstead


50x56 cm, Oil and Varnish on Paper

Unframed, original art work

June II by Kimbal Bumstead, An abstract painting on paper from this south London based artist.

Kimbal’s work has been shown in various solo and group shows as well as corporate collections.

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Kimbal Quist Bumstead (UK/NL b. 1986) is an interdisciplinary artist based in London whose work sits between painting, drawing, video and performance. Kimbal’s work is cathartic, explosive and colourful. He creates paintings using translucent layers of varnish, oil paint and ink to create visceral body-like abstract forms. A painting to him is not only an image but a physical material object, which embodies traces of its process of production. He takes a performative approach to making work and is interested in the physical and subjective notions of a journey; the eternal process of becoming; the meandering volatile and nomadic identity.